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A simple test for estate planning could be defined as “will the right people, get the right amount of money at the right time?" And “right” simply means what you want to happen.

Unfortunately many Australians won't pass this test. They have simply not prepared sufficiently so that their estate goes to the people they want it to.

And to compound this situation, unintended consequences may arise as a result. These can include people you don’t want sharing in your estate being beneficiaries, tax and debt burdens, lengthy time delays, friction amongst your loved ones and if you are a business owner – going into business with people you don’t want to, or your family not getting the true value of your hard work… and these are only a few of the possible implications.

Fortunately, there are a number of strategies you can use to help make your estate plan as effective as possible, and this is an area where professional legal, taxation and financial advice can make an enormous difference for you and your beneficiaries.

The Estate Planner is a diagnostic for your situation today. It will ask you a number of questions and provide feedback on your individual situation. It will look at how well prepared you are. It has been provided by Test Adviser from Sample Financial Services. There is no obligation to do anything as a result of the Estate Planner, it will simply provide an analysis and some suggestions, what you do from there is up to you.

Your results will be sent to Test Adviser from Sample Financial Services, again there is no obligation to take any action from these results.

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